Weird Things You Didn't Know About Me


I absolutely love reading random weird facts about other people; things that you wouldn't really know unless you got to really get to know someone. You know when you're in new group situations at a class or something and one of the ice breakers is to go around the circle and tell someone a random fact about yourself, well these would be my answers:

I have a handwriting perfectionism 
I love the physical act of writing, not just on a keyboard, but with an actual pen and paper - I absolutely love it. My writing does tend to change depending on what pen I'm writing with, and I find myself screwing up pieces of paper because I'm not happy with the way that my writing looks. I'm even talking about when I write shopping lists, meaningless shopping lists have to be written perfectly before I take them out. 

I don't like bananas that smell like bananas
I finally met someone that understood what I meant and completely agreed with me the other day, so I was extremely happy about this. Basically, I can't stand bananas that have any kind of brown on them, and when that starts to happen they start to smell like bananas - I know that sounds stupid, but when they're at the greeny-yellow stage, they have no smell whatsoever. I like that. 

I hate velvet but I have to touch it
I don't have a phobia per se, but I absolutely hate the feel of velvet; I've even told a friend to not come near me (savage) because they wore a velvet dress on a night out once. However, whenever I'm in a clothes shop and I see something velvet, I have a massive urge to touch it. I guess, to make sure that I still hate the feel of it, but every single time that I do it I regret it, because every single time it makes me cringe so hard.

I love cutting mushrooms
I don't know what it is about cutting mushrooms that's so satisfying, it helps that I love them, but I think it's the texture and the way the knife glides through it. There's nothing more to say on this one, haha.

I can spend hours putting makeup on just to rub it off
I've done this so many times, but I spend ages putting on my makeup and getting it right, only to scrub it off because I'm not happy with it. On times like these, I rub it off and just put my usual eyeliner and mascara on because I don't feel confident enough to rock a full face of makeup. This doesn't happen much anymore but it does occasionally. 

Does anyone agree with any of these? What are some weird facts about you?

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