BEDA + April Goals


Coming from the person that's struggled to stick to a solid blogging schedule this year so far, what I'm about to say may come as a bit of a shock - I'm going to be participating in BEDA, and blogging every day in April. DUN DUN DUUUUN...I know right?! It's a bit of a step, but I'm determined to see it through to get me into the swing of things for the year to come. I'm actually really excited!

I mean, you're actually reading a pre-written post, shock horror! I know this post is already too much to handle, so if you need to sit down, then please feel free to. I just genuinely want to get into good habits; I've spent too long trying to perfect my habits and not actually taking any action in starting them in the first place - sounds stupid, but I'm still more of a thinker than a do-er which isn't getting me anywhere with my goals, so this is going to be the stepping stone to getting my butt into gear. 

This month I'm focusing on three things: my blog, my Younique business, and myself. Here are my goals for each:

● Write everyday
● Find a #blogchat to join
● Comment and network more
● Utilise Twitter and Instagram more
● Keep organised with my spreadsheet
● Take more pictures

● Do a Facebook live at least once a week
● Do a minimum 30-minute power run every day
● Get into the habit of commenting while I scroll on Facebook
● Post on Facebook every day

● Meditate every day
● Write in my journal every day
● Stop saying sorry as much
● Read a chapter every day
● Have a no technology morning routine

● See 3 films
● Get my hair done

I'd love to know if anyone else is participating in BEDA this year! Wish me luck.

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