Finding Purpose In Life


I'm a massive advocate for personal development, but I'm often the person who will read tons of the stuff, and then not apply it to my life. I've started reading "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne (the author of The Secret, which you've probably heard of) and she is a big believer in the law of attraction and gratitude. My friend Shelby recommended this book to me for the 28 days worth of gratitude practices which are included in this book, and even from just reading the introduction and the first day, I can tell it's going to be a good'un.

At the beginning of the book it urges you to find the time to maintain a list of your dreams through the following categories:

‣ Health and Body
‣ Career and Work
‣ Money
‣ Relationships
‣ Personal Desires
‣ Material Things

These are things that you will need to be clear of in your mind so you have a direction that you want gratitude to change your life. These can be things you want now, this week, this month, this year or even in 10 years time, as long as they are things that you actually want to do and are willing to work towards. That's the crux of this situation; they are things you are willing to work towards.

A lot of naysayers dismiss the idea that gratitude gets you everything you want in life because all they do is think their gratitudes rather than act on them. You can't just expect that thinking about success will grant you success, you need to take action and work towards what you want as well as being positive and grateful for everything that you have - it's a process that involves you in mind and body.

I have made quite an extensive list of things that I want in life in all of the above categories, and I will be adding to the categories when I think of things too. Really thinking about what you want in life is very therapeutic and focusing - it brings a lot of clarity to your situation.

I managed to go onto 2 pages for "Personal Desires" but struggled a lot with "Career and Work" - I've only got vague dreams for my job life as I'm not entirely sure what I want to do. For example, I know that I want to be self-employed and earn enough to quit my full-time job but I don't know what I want to actually be doing. At first, I saw this as a failure, but then I saw it as a learning curve - I need to find what my true work passions are, but I can only find by doing.

I need to start doing more of what I love, try new things that may scare me and go completely outside of my comfort zone. I may find something that I'm truly passionate about, I may get inspired to where I want my life to take me, but I definitely won't find anything out if I just stay in my little bubble for the rest of my life thinking about what I want to do - I've done that for way too many years that it's now time to start living and figuring out what I want. I don't want that "Career and Work" heading to stay vague for the rest of my life. I want a purpose. I will find it.

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