#GirlBoss Youtubers


Over the past couple of years, I have found a massive passion for all things personal development; some might say I almost drowned myself in reading these books, listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos all surrounding the topic of bettering yourself.

Whilst searching YouTube I stumbled across a #GirlBoss niche of videos and instantly fell in love - it was everything I'd been searching for and more. There was a plethora of videos with information, tips and tricks on mindset, business, law of attraction and anything else of the sort. I've got a business and low motivation on most days (unfortunate, but true) so this had helped me tenfold. 

Here are three of my favourite #GirlBoss Youtubers. They all cover similar subjects but with a different way of looking at things which I absolutely love:

Kalyn Nicholson is an absolute breath of fresh air. This girl focuses on organisation and mindset in a lot of her videos - mindset is a massive key in the journey to your kickass boss babe life, and although you can have all the information you need, if you're not in the right frame of mind then you will come across some massive obstacles to overcome with your business. Her content does vary from week to week from vlog to sit down type videos and there is definitely a lot of variety in what she puts out each week, but she comes across as the sweetest girl with the kindest heart and you can just tell that she wants the best for every one of her viewers. Her YouTube (alongside her blog and shop) is her business!

Hannah Ashton is an inspiration to me, and makes me wish I had her attitude when I was younger. She gives entrepreneurship advice for young people and teenagers, as she is only a teenager herself. It's absolutely amazing what she's achieved at such a young age; the determination, the drive, the passion. She runs this YouTube channel as well as running her social media courses with a team that she's selected. This hardworking teen creates videos of her school morning/night routines, how she gets a lot done in the day and many other things that can be helpful for anybody still at school wanting to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Erin May Henry was the first babe who's videos I came across in this niche I'm pretty sure. Erin helps women entrepreneurs create their personal brand and navigate the online world to help build their own personal businesses. Her YouTube content is mindset and business based for the most part, showing you how your mindset can affect your work, how to overcome obstacles and how she, personally, deals with the stresses that can come up as a self-employed boss babe.

These women seriously inspire me with every single video that they put up. The energy and the passion that they put into every one of their videos is astounding to me and I look up to them with the highest esteem. Is there anyone that really inspires you?

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