3 Things I Couldn't Live Without


Whilst travelling, I learnt how to live my life out of a single suitcase and not rely on material things. It was definitely something that I'm glad I did because it made me realise that I don't really need anything to make me happy and helped me minimise my life to a certain extent. It definitely spurred me to have a massive clear out as soon as I got home, to try and transfer that travelling life to my "home" life as much as possible.

Saying that, there are some things that I couldn't live without - in my list I'm not counting my laptop or my mobile phone, because I see those objects as being quite obvious choices that probably everyone nowadays would choose.

When I was younger I had a massive dislike for the Kindle, I thought it could never be as good as holding a physical book in your hands. However, despite that, I spur of the moment decided to buy one from Tesco randomly because I kept seeing adverts, and I have never ever looked back on that decision. My Kindle is the best purchase that I have ever made; that's over my MacBook and my mobile phone. It doesn't go everywhere with me, but I'm constantly reading on it.

A couple of years ago you would never have caught me doing my eyebrows; I was pretty proud of the way that my eyebrows looked, as they are pretty shapely and fuller than a lot of other peoples. However, as soon as I purchased an eyebrow palette my entire life changed and now I look back on my eyebrows and wonder what I saw in them - your eyebrows are the frame to your face, and a good pair of eyebrows really does make a difference. I mean you may be blessed with perfect eyebrows, but I now realise that I wasn't, so my eyebrow palette is my saviour. Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to go outside with absolutely zero makeup, but my eyebrows give me a massive confidence boost.

My Kindle is the best purchase I have made, but my Spotify premium account is the best ongoing purchase that I make each month. A few years back I listened to Spotify on the free version, this included adverts, and after a while it limited the number of times you could listen to one song, which for me wasn't ideal as a person who listens to albums on repeat for months. An old colleague recommended premium to me, which at the time, I didn't want to pay for, so I got it on the free trial and have never looked back. I literally listen to music on Spotify every single day, and I'm even listening to a focus playlist as I write this post so I'm most definitely getting my money's worth.

What are some things that you couldn't live without?

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