Unpopular Opinions #1


Let's talk about some unpopular opinions, more in particular, unpopular opinions of things I hate. Yeah, hate's a strong word, but it would be a bit of a weird theme if I wrote "things I have a mild dislike of", would it? 

Avocados. They don't taste of anything, how can you love something that tastes of nothing.
Celeb Crushes. I've never been drawn to films because of certain actors getting half naked or really fanatasised over anyone in the media whatsoever. It just all seems pretty pointless to me.
Six Packs. Yes, it's good that you're fit and healthy, blah blah blah, but I just find them unattractive and try hard.  
Adele/Coldplay/any other depressing artist. I just can't stand any artist/band like this. Why would you wanna sit and listen to depressing music all day? What would you even do at an Adele concert? Cry all the way through? A friend actually told me that she did this; I don't understand why you'd put yourself through that.
Football. If you wanna see overpaid grown men act like children faking their injuries then be my guest. Got some award winning performances in this sport.
Sweet Potatoes. In Australia I worked on a sweet potato farm to get my second year visa. No, this didn't make me hate them, it just made me hate them more. I just hate the texture of the vegetable and just plain and simply think they taste gross.
The smell of Lush shops. I literally can't go into a Lush store without gagging, I only need to walk past one to have a sensory overload and feel physically sick. Don't get me wrong, I love their products, but I have to order them online to get them because I can't stand the smell of the place.

I think I'm gonna stop there and create a series out of this with different themes; hate, love, films, music, etc. It's always a good point of discussion and I love having mini debates about things like this; I've had people question their friendship with me over sweet potatoes and avocados for instance - I never knew people felt so strongly about these things, ha!

What's some things that you hate that everyone else seems to love?

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