Life Update: When Worries Are Lifted


I've been extremely distracted recently and I've been getting behind on my blog posts every day in April. Don't get me wrong, I've still released a post every day, but I've been getting them out late and it's made me feel like my posts were somewhat rushed.

The reason for my distraction was my new move to Peterborough, and more specifically my new accommodation. I sent in a deposit and my application, and have been waiting for what seems like forever for my application to get approved after credit checks and references. I knew in my heart of hearts that I would be okay, but there's always that slither of doubt that creeps in and makes me panic - and panic I did.

Thankfully, I received a confirmation today that everything has gone through smoothly and I can stop worrying and start getting excited - I'm still shit scared, but it's something to look forward to now. I'm heading up to Peterborough again this week to check out the room for a second time to establish what I can and cannot bring with me and it's all getting very real. I've even got a rota for my new job and I've already started my online training, so everything's go go go!

I'm still sticking to blogging every day during April, but I'm hoping to be a bit more organised with my posts, and staying organised will make for a more confident Katie. I'm massively proud however, that through this time I've managed to keep to a post a day, but I'm upping my game and planning a bit more in advance from now on.

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