30 Reminders For Anyone With Anxiety


Sometimes life can get a little bit overwhelming so take some time to breathe and give yourself a few reminders:

1. More people care about you than you think
2. Don't be afraid to tell people how you feel
3. Change your mindset, change your life
4. Don't be afraid to do something different
5. You are your biggest critic
6. You are not as alone as you feel
7. Your mind creates scenarios that are never gonna happen
8. Remember to take a deep breath and carry on
9. Your anxiety is real, don't let anyone tell you otherwise
10. Let go of toxic friendships that are holding you back
11. Sometimes people just grow apart
12. Don't believe everything you think
13. Write it out whenever you feel down
14. You are loved
15. Things will get better
16. You are the only person that decides your happiness
17. Having a small group of friends isn't a bad thing
18. Don't listen to the little voice in your head
19. Remember that your thoughts are not your reality
20. Losing friends doesn't mean that they hate you
21. You are not an annoyance
22. You are not alone
23. Don't feel obligated to do what people tell you is best for you
24. The past and the future can't hurt you
25. Worrying won't change the outcome
26. If you can't control it, there's no need to worry
27. Get some fresh air and clear your mind
28. Trust and have confidence in yourself
29. You are more than capable of managing
30. Stop rushing and slow down

Do you have any reminders for yourself?

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