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Let's make some Friday favourites - I'm not talking about things that I've liked doing, seeing, using, etc, during the week. I'm talking general favourites; different types of books, films, makeup, whatever the hell I fancy writing about on that particular week. Let's be real here, I can't write general weekly favourites to save my life and I'd spend most of the time just thinking about what my favourites were (and struggling) than writing the post itself. So this is what we're gonna do, and this weeks theme is: HYPED BOOKS THAT I'VE LOVED

These are books that have been talked about a lot in a positive light that everyone seemed to love, and for once, I loved them too. I normally have a thing against overhyped books fyi, so this list is pretty special to me!

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern
This. Was. Magical. I knew that everyone was raving about it, but I picked it up not knowing too much about it. Actually, my Dad got it for himself at the library and I wanted to give it a go myself so I read it after he did. It was beautifully written and I just loved the idea of a magical circus; I'm a massive fan of magic in books in general, but adding a circus to the mix was just a perfect combination waiting to happen. It was darkly mysterious with wonderful characters and an interwoven plot line which I absolutely adored. This is probably a book that is due a reread because as much as it's still a favourite, the plot has become a little bit blurred around the edges in my mind so I need a refresher.

A Darker Shade of Magic - V.E. Schwab
I read "Vicious" by the same author (which again was hyped up) and found it mildly average, so I went into this book with very low expectations. Boy, was I wrong (when have I ever said "boy" in my life like that?). Schwab has created worlds within worlds, and what's amazing about it is that every one of these worlds is the same but completely different - they all revolve around "London", but they all have very different ways of life, different landscapes, and even different languages; she created LANGUAGES for crying out loud. I just loved everything about this book, and this post has literally just reminded me that I need to read the second book, haha!

Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card
I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding this book with regards to the author, but I'm looking at the story on its own and nothing else. This book was absolutely incredible and had me hooked from the word go, despite the monotonous tones of the book; let me explain. Ender ended up in a military school of sorts and you followed him climbing the ranks through war games, physical activities and other such lessons. This is pretty much what the book is based around, obviously, there's a back-story and a reason behind it, but on the surface level that's what it is. However, the way that Orson writes is absolutely enthralling; the characters development, the thought processes and the build-up to the massive "I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING IN A MILLION YEARS" plot twist. This was one of the only books that literally made me shout out loud when the plot twist was revealed.

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline
If you haven't read my review for the movie then you probably won't know (you should) that this is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE BOOK IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. When I first read this book I was absolutely blown away, and since that time I haven't read a book that comes close. It's fast-paced and imaginative whilst still creating believable, relatable characters with an 80s gaming theme running through the entire thing. I found myself going through a plethora of emotions while reading this book; I was smiling, laughing, on the edge of my seat, sad at times, and with a splash of angry added in for good measure. If you haven't read this book, then I'd wholeheartedly recommend that you do, and now! This book still has a lot of hype and to be honest, I'm creating a lot of it myself.

Mistborn Trilogy - Brandon Sanderson
This trilogy is one of my all-time favourite series - it's the only series where I've loved every single book and there have been amazing plot twists in each one. Each book in this series was fast paced, action packed and had lovable characters who you felt massively emotionally attached to. Brandon Sanderson is an absolute genius when it comes to magical systems, and Mistborn isn't an exception; this magic system revolves around metals, and people having the ability to use them to pull themselves through the air, move objects towards them, or even sense when someone is nearby. There is no way that I could ever explain the true extent of the magic system so please read this series - it's a big one, but it's so addictive that you will find yourself flying through it. 

Have you read any of these books? What are your favourite hyped books?

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