Little Thoughts: Better Weather


Guess what I'm doing? I'm sitting outside and April. We've finally got some better weather and I'm taking full advantage of it. I know it's the UK and we're not exactly going through one of our renowned 30-degree "heatwaves" which we are mocked for by the rest of the world, but just having a bit more of a warmer climate always boosts my mood tenfold.

I'm an emotional mirror in the way that my surroundings affect the way that I'm feeling, and maybe that's why in the Winter months I have depressing spells. I think the way I'm feeling now is mainly to do with my mindset and my refreshed view on life, but the weather definitely plays a big part in how I feel. Right now, I'm feeling happy and ready to do things! 

The only thing that bugs me about this weather is the way that everyone else reacts - all the guys will start going topless at the first sign of sun, you will begin to smell BBQs everywhere, and suddenly everyone's walking around in shorts and flipflops. Yeah, I get that it's nice but it's not that hot and everyone's just playing into the massive British "Summer" stereotype! It's not even Summer, and I've already started hearing people throwing the term around. Okay, I'll stop, that's my only gripe with this weather, but on the whole, I'm making the most of it while it lasts, because knowing our luck it will bloody snow next week or something.

Okay okay okay, let's step back a moment and have a look at something that I've just seen on Twitter - I literally had this blog post finished until I saw this hashtag which epitomised everything I've just been saying. Let this sink in.....#heatwave! HASHTAG FREAKING HEATWAVE! It's 20 degrees as I write this, and at it's highest it will be 22 degrees. Would you call that a heatwave? I know I wouldn't. This country can't handle any kind of weather without it turning into an epidemic of sorts.

Rant over! Let's relax and enjoy the sun while it's still here, I'm off to sit in a pub garden and drink cider with ice - it's my day off afterall. How're you enjoying the day?

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