My Try List


This list has been something that I've been wanting to make for the longest time; it's a list of things that I want to try. In my previous post on finding purpose in my life, I touched at the end on wanting to go out of my comfort zone and try new things, well these are some of those said things:

‣ Take a yoga class
‣ Take Zumba class
‣ Take pole dancing class
‣ Learn a language
‣ Take an art class (get back into art)
‣ Learn calligraphy
‣ Learn how to edit videos creatively
‣ Learn how to code websites
‣ Start an art journal
‣ Learn about personal branding
‣ Learn how to animate

Even though I finished school a while back I'm starting to realise that we should never stop learning - I used to run away from any kind of learning activity, even if it was something that I wanted to find out about because quite simply, I didn't want to invest the time. Now I realise that my point of view was quite ignorant and I actually have plenty of time to do these things and find out if they are things that I want to pursue further. 

I want to challenge myself to learn something new and to try different things that I've been wanting to do for years now; it's funny how pretty much all of these things are creatively based. I lost a lot of my creative inspiration and drive when I was a teenager for reasons unknown, and I've always wanted to get back into it, but I could never really be bothered - I want to be bothered now. I want to get back into doing things that I enjoy and finding new mediums in that craft to get involved in, I want to rekindle my love for this and get passionate about something again. 

I'm excited to journal my experiences and take you guys along with me.

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