Playlist Spotlight: Covers


I've always had this guilty pleasure (I hate that phrase) of preferring cover versions of songs to the originals a lot of the time. This can vary from remixes, acoustic covers, mash-ups of different songs to whatever else you can think of.

My only thing is that it's gotta be different - if somebody covers a song and they don't have their own personal swing on it then I don't really like it, there's gotta be some personality and style in the music to warrant a cover in the first place. 

One such cover that comes to mind when I think of drastically changing the song is "Comfortably Numb" - originally by Pink Floyd but covered by the Scissor Sisters. The original Pink Floyd version is a slow dreary little number with feelings of sadness, pain and anger, whereas, on the other hand the Scissor Sisters cover version is the complete opposite with psychedelic disco-pop beats. The high-tempo beats of the cover make the song seem happier than it is despite the dark lyrics behind the music. People hate me for this, but I honestly prefer the Scissor Sisters version; that's partly because I can't stand slow dreary songs as I'm more of an upbeat music kinda person.

Below is my covers playlist, a lot of the music I find to put in this is just happened upon by chance and not necessarily searched for. It's always a happy surprise when I come across an album with a cover song which I absolutely love.

I think my favourite on this playlist is the I See Stars cover of the Hozier song "Take Me To Church" - the acoustic vibe and the harmonies are to die for. Do you have a favourite cover?


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