Listen To Your Body


I've mentioned a couple of time now that my body seems to have just collapsed with exhaustion from the past couple of weeks. This whole move has taken place in approximately two weeks, and that's not a lot of time at all. I've managed to compress a shit ton of stress and worry in a short period of time; work (new and old), my accommodation, credit checks, what to bring, what to leave behind, is this really the best option for me, am I making the right decision? I never really had time to let anything sink in and was basically running on adrenaline a lot of the time, so now I'm really paying for it.  You know what though? It's teaching me a valuable lesson in listening to my body and what it needs.

I had all these plans when I moved to go exploring, meet new people, drive to new areas, go and work in coffee shops, etc, and I wanted to do them all straight away. I'm just too tired to do any of this stuff right now and for the tiniest minute I got upset that I wasn't out doing everything I wanted to from the go. I took some quiet time to myself and realised that there's absolutely no rush to do anything, but I need to take as long as I need to recuperate so I've got the energy to do all of the things - I'm here for the foreseeable future so I've got plenty of time. What's the point of doing everything, being more tired from it, and not appreciating or enjoying the new experiences? I only moved here 3 days ago for goodness sake!

I'm learning how to listen to my body mentally and physically and have been acting accordingly:

‣ I've been doing light stretches to remove the kinks that are causing me aches
‣ I haven't been setting alarms so my body can get as much sleep as it needs
‣ I've been meditating to clear my mind and focus on what's necessary for me
‣ I've been doing things that I love (from home) to make me happier like reading and blogging
‣ I've been drinking plenty of water
‣ I've been plain and simply not doing anything too strenuous to regain my energy

If you force yourself to do something when your mind and body isn't in the right place it'll probably do more harm than good in the long run. In today's day and age everything is fast-paced and needed to be done now, but everyone seems to forget to look after themselves every once in a while and take a break - that doesn't mean you need to take a week off work, but it could mean taking 15 minutes each morning to work on yourself in whatever way you enjoy or deem fit. The number one thing to do though is just really listen to yourself, because only you know what it is that your body needs right now.

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