Don't Let Doubt Control You


I absolutely love makeup; I love experimenting with different colours, different techniques, and just generally practising my skills - I have a side hustle makeup business which has definitely helped add to the love of it all.

On Saturday afternoon I did my makeup early for work and randomly decided that I would try a cut crease on my eyes - this is a technique that defines the crease by "cutting" across it with a contrasting colour. I tried once before months ago and failed miserably, the cut crease line was incredibly messy, and there was no way in hell that I could ever save it. My first failed attempt was actually filmed on Facebook Live which adds to the hilarity of the situation, but I guess practice makes perfect, and the second time around, practice definitely helped.

I blended my powder eyeshadow then used a peachy nude cream eyeshadow to create the cut crease itself, I then blended out the outer edges using concealer. I was so unbelievably happy with the result that I just couldn't stop looking at it - I'd finally managed to successfully create a cut crease eyeshadow look that I was happy with.

Then came the doubt. As much I absolutely loved the look, thoughts started coming into my head like, is this suitable for work? Will I get moaned at? Will people like it? Is it too much? I'm not even joking when I say that I almost scrubbed the entire thing off to put on some liquid eyeliner and mascara like I usually wear. These ridiculous doubts almost stopped me rocking this look at work, but they didn't!

I pushed aside all the unnecessary thoughts in my head and wore my makeup with pride - I knew it looked good. I got so many compliments on it as well which was amazing and definitely a massive confidence booster. The best thing? It lasted all night and didn't rub off which I am so happy about (top tip: eye primer is LIFE).

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself when doubt tries to take control of you is to do what makes you happy. I was genuinely happy with the way my makeup looked that day so I decided to just feel the fear of being judged and go out anyways not caring what other people thought. You can take this example and switch it around to whatever situation you are in - feel the fear and do it anyways is one of my favourite mantras. Your mind can be very controlling when it wants to be, so don't give it the chance to, don't let it take away your happiness and try as hard as you can to push through it. You'll probably find that those worries were kind of meaningless, I know I did!

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