Uplifting Others


So many people put down people for taking selfies all the time - they call them vain, self-obsessed, not even pretty, and any number of other insulting things. Whatever happened to being nice to one another? I believe the online age we currently live in has given people a platform to hide behind to drag people down, and it's not good.

Everyone nowadays thinks they have a right to tell others what they think of them, not in real life, but over social media (which is the worst part). They think they're entitled to tell someone that they looked better without makeup, they shouldn't wear those shorts, or ask why someone takes so many pictures of themselves. The answer is why not? Why shouldn't people wear what they want? Why shouldn't people put as much makeup on as they want? Why should you conform to societies "standards" just to fit in? Everyone is different, everyone is unique, and everyone has their own reasons for doing these things.

Makeup is a big example for me because I own a makeup business, so am constantly posting pictures of myself wearing makeup, before and afters, etc. Due to this, I see a lot of other makeup related photos and videos coming up on my feed where people are, again, giving their opinions. People wear makeup for any number of reasons - for some it gives them confidence, it may cover up scars they're insecure about, or they just bloody well feel like wearing it.

We should be uplifting others instead of tearing them down, as you don't know what place someone is in when you send that unwanted comment; it could be the last straw for them and you would never know. They say that "stick and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me", but I'm calling bullshit on that one because words HURT! The simplest thing can make or break someone's day, so why not make it and uplift them by saying something positive to them instead.

There are so many bigger problems going on in the world right now compared to whether you think someone looks good in makeup or not! So why not take a stand against the shit that's happening in the world right now and be positive to one another. Neither party gains by that negative remark you just made, but it can make you and the receiver feel better about yourselves if you just take the time to be positive and make a difference. It's the little things that count...

What are your thoughts on this?

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