A REAL Night In With Me


When you think of a "night in" what would you think of? Chilling out on the sofa under a blanket watching netflix with a tub of Ben & Jerry's? Having a relaxing bath-bomb infused bath with candles, prosecco and a facemask? Well these are the types of things I read about all the time, but for me personally, that is definitely not the case.

My nights in, generally, consist of not doing much at all, if I'm honest. I really haven't ever done any of the above activities by myself - I don't like watching too much TV for starters, I get bored in a bath after about 5 minutes (which is a waste), and I hate prosecco...so there's that. I'm not going to sugar coat my activities, I want to be real with you guys and tell you what I actually do, because I'm me.

I like to chill with a good book most of the time; I don't spend enough time reading as I would like, so when I get the chance to have a sit-down and read, I would completely jump at the chance (or sit, so to speak). I'd snuggle up in bed with a hot chocolate and a good book and eventually get lulled to sleep.

Hanging Out
This one is real simple. I literally just be. I just relax, let myself chill out and wind down from the day - I don't even need to be doing anything as such, I could just be playing a game on my phone or chatting to my friends, but I have no real taxing tasks to be doing so just don't do much at all.

Chat With My Mum
There's nothing I like more than having a good heart to heart with my Mum. I'm lucky enough to be able to talk to her about anything and everything, and I relish being able to talk to her without any distractions; just me and her on the sofa having a good old chin wag.

Unless I have something specific to do, then those are the things that I generally do as little as that may sound. When you have a night in for yourself, you are doing it for yourself so you can do whatever you like, and what I like is not doing much at all, and that's just fine!

What do you like to do on a night in?

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