My First Date


So we were in this 5 star Michelin style restaurant; we had champagne, a selection of au d'oeuvres, caviar and an absolutely glorious lobster dish. All throughout this experience, a talented violinist was serenading us with some of my favourite songs....

Haha, well....I don't really wish that ever happened because that's way too fancy for my likings - I'm a simple girl. I do, however, wish my first date went a little more smoothly than it did. I remember it like it was yesterday, but not for the reasons you may think - it was just incredibly awkward for me.

First things first, I met my date on a really drunken night out; I'd been texting him throughout the week, I had one blurry picture of him, but I just still couldn't really remember what he looked like. I was actually more scared than anything that we wouldn't recognise each other.

So, as it turns out, I did recognise him, and we proceeded to go to Nando's. We had dinner and the conversation was okay I guess; I was a little nervous, what with it being my first date and all, so maybe the conversation could have flowed a little better. We had a lot of awkward silences and I kept feeling that everyone around us was having a good time and could see that we weren't really that comfortable with each other yet.

Next, we went to the cinema to see Avatar in 3D - I'll add this in now, don't go on a first date to the cinema with anybody. You can't get to know your date and you're literally just sitting there for 2 hours doing nothing but watching a movie. 

Anyways, back to the story, and here comes the incredibly awkward part. I was really naive back in the day (some would say I'm still the same) and had no idea on cinema courtesy or if there even was any, and I feel as though my date felt the same way. I was like, shall we talk a bit? Shall we hold hands? Oh my god is he gonna do the yawn and slip his arm over my shoulders move?

I'm cringing SO hard when writing this. I put my hand on the arm of my seat next to his, palm up, to kind of hint that I wanted him to hold my hand. He eventually did after a little bit, but then neither of us knew whether to keep holding on (for what seemed like dear life) or to let go. My hand was getting sweaty, my wrist was beginning to ache, I wanted to fidget in my seat, and I didn't know what to do. We spent a large part of the film, which is almost 3 hours, awkwardly holding hands in this way.

Funnily enough we did eventually ending up going out, but it didn't last long. I'm just glad I got that date out of the way early. 

Can you remember your first date?

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