Eating Out Habits


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If there's such a thing as eating out too often then I'm not sorry to be guilty of it. Yes, I may not be on the most high end budget, but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't treat myself to a meal with friends every now and then, right? It's not like I'm spending £100 on baked beans on toast courtesy of a really famous chef is it?

What can I say, I absolutely love food! I love trying things I've never tried before and go to restaurants I've never been. I'm not fussy at all, and will eat almost anything...except offal, ew! But even when I don't like something, I do actually like to try it again just to make sure that I still don't like it, because I've had it plenty of times where my tastebuds will change. I used to hate sweetcorn, then love it, then hate it, and now I can't get enough of a good corn on the cob! 

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that frequently went on holiday to some unusual places, and with unusual places comes unusual food the majority of the time. I was never afraid to try something different, let's put it this way. I remember once in Vietnam I saw seahorses in a shop's freezer section, and cat on the menu of a restaurant - I don't think I would ever try cat but seahorses I could probably deal with, haha! 

Whenever I go to restaurants,  I like to try something that I've never had before, rather than stick to what I know. It's not the safest option, as you may not like what you've been given, but I'd rather live my food life on the edge than stick to the same boring meals each time. I do sometimes have meals that I lean towards, but the same meal in different restaurants can be completely different. For example, whenever I go on holiday I always love to have a seafood pasta of some description and it is always on point - it's kind of turned into a little personal holiday tradition for me. I also have a tendency to order anything with coleslaw, or add coleslaw onto my order as a side dish - coleslaw is life and I love to try different home made ones.

What things do you do when eating out?

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