All The Passion, No Motivation


I constantly find myself reading and researching about staying healthy, being organised, and getting into a routine more than I actually work on doing it all. With regards to even working my makeup business, I've read a ridiculous amount of personal development books, that my mind knows exactly what to do, but my body doesn't quite want to reciprocate. There are so many blog posts covering these subjects, what to do, and how to achieve the results you want to achieve - but what happens if your mind is more than willing to do it, but your body doesn't quite follow in the same direction, what are you supposed to do then? There is no reset to factory settings with your body. 

I have this issue whereupon I know what I want, and I want it with so much passion and soul, but I can't quite muster the energy to make it happen. It's got absolutely nothing to do with not wanting it or believing that I can do it; more so the fact that I never seem to have the motivation or the determination to follow things through. I get distracted ridiculously easily - even when writing this blog post, my phone went off, I replied to a text, and then proceeded to play a phone game for the next 20 minutes. 

It frustrates me to no end, and I've absolutely no idea how to get out of this rut. I think I've mentioned this before, but I read that it takes 21 days to form a habit and I really really really (can I put anymore really's in that sentence) need to start forming new ones to actually get things done. I know this is sounding super depressing, but it's something that is truly REAL to me, and it's one of the main reasons why I've been trying to blog every other day. I've actually missed 2 days now, but have managed to catch up, so in actual fact this is the first thing in a long time that I've actually been sticking to. YES! A POSITIVE!

On another good note, I've been making small positive steps in other areas of my life too. I recently asked for a promotion in my current job, and I've just decided that I really wanna kickstart my health regime, so have ordered some healthy bits and bobs and even bought a blender to encourage me. I'm sure I will keep you up to date on that journey, and my stuff should be arriving tomorrow, so a haul of sorts in the near future will probably happen! 

Anyways, I just wanted to write this post to show that not every blogger has the perfect morning or exercise routine etc, and that some of us do actually struggle to get motivated sometimes, as nobody's perfect. I'm interested to hear, do you have struggles with motivation?

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