MAY 2018: Goals and Intentions


Thought you got rid of me for a little while, didn't you? Well, it's a brand new month and even though BEDA is over I've got a brand new set of goals and intentions to smash for May, and I plan on sticking to them.

Let's talk about April to start off with: In April I moved away from home; this was something that I just kept putting off and putting off because I was scared of the change. I honestly don't understand (and nobody else did) why this was an issue, I moved away to the other side of the world for two years for goodness sake, but it definitely was an issue that I needed to overcome again. Suddenly one day I decided I just needed to leave, and if I didn't do it now I would be forever in this rut - so I left.

I became a lot more present in April; trying to focus on what I was doing on that day rather than dwelling on the past or thinking forward to the future. I became more blog orientated, more organised and tidy in my life (and my room), I started meditating every day to clear my mind (I'm currently on day 21), and I've got a better idea of how I want to progress. I haven't got everything figured out by a long shot, but I'm getting there.

In May I want to continue what I started in April as well as sharpening my focus on my goals and intentions. I have this habit of overstretching my goals, so I have limited myself to 5 in order to really focus on each and every one of them:

Catch up on my reading goal: I'm trying not to focus on the numbers too much this year, but I know I have been slacking with my reading and I'm challenging myself to read for at least 30 minutes each day.
Post a blog (at least) twice a week: It's not quite every day like in April, but I want to create more quality content on the regular.
Stick to my daily habits: Meditation, reading, writing, gratitude and learning.
Don't check my phone as often: I'm not saying I'm not gonna ever check my phone, I just want to cut down.
Post a YouTube come back video: I've been away from YouTube for so long and I've missed it so much that I need to really make the effort to get back into it.

I feel as though my year only really started happening for me in April, so here's to May, and pushing forward ever nearer to our goals and dreams. What's one goal you've got for yourself this month?

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