What On My Desk?


Since moving, I've become pretty proud of my little desk/vanity table; I normally overcrowd desks with different products and tools that it just becomes messy, but I've managed to limit the things that are out to the products that I actually use.

I'm a simple kind of girl, I don't have much of a skincare routine as my skin has never needed it. In the past when I have tried to take advantage of skin care it has caused me more trouble than good, so I'm a big advocate for less is more. Then again, I've never had really bad skin so I can't really speak for the other side of the argument. I'm a splash-water-on-my-face kinda girl, sue me!

1. My tools: Here are my collection of makeup brushes, tweezers, nail files and scissors. The brushes in particular right now could probably do with a clean, but we'll get to that when we get to that.

2. Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream: This is one of the only moisturisers that doesn't dry out my skin, and funnily enough, I use it when my skin is feeling especially dry. It's an absolutely huge tub that I've only just started so it will definitely be lasting me a long time.

3. Lush 9-5 Cleansing Lotion: I absolutely hate walking past the lush store because it makes me feel sick, but I've always been mega curious about their products because everyone and their mum is always raving about them. This was one of the first products in their range that I bought (online may I add) and I absolutely love it - it's a cleansing lotion that I personally use to properly take off my makeup. I'll use a makeup wipe to start off with and then I use a cotton pad and a little bit of this lotion to go over my face. It's amazing and quite disgusting what's actually left over after you've supposedly already taken your makeup off. I'll be honest though, I only do this when I can be bothered - #relatable.

4. Tangle Teaser: Two disclaimers to start off with, 1. I was gonna edit out the hair that I forgot to take out of the brush before taking the picture, but then I thought fuck it, this is real life, and nobody's life is picture perfect. 2. Obviously, this is only a cheap version of the official tangle teaser, because your girl only really wants to pay £1 for one, let's be honest. Now, I've found that my hair tends to be a big lump of mess in general unless I reaaaally take the time to brush it. More often than not I just throw it up or let it be messy because I really dig that look. I do think the "tangle teaser" is a nice soft way of brushing your hair though.

5. Woolworths Select Daily Balance Moisturiser: Again, like with the Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream, this is one of the only products that I've loved using on my dry skin - this includes their cleanser as well which is in another cupboard in my room. Unfortunately for me though, I got it in Australia and it's not in production anymore either - my parents went on holiday there at the beginning of the year and found that out whilst trying to get me some more.

6. Sure Anti-Perspirant: I don't have a specific brand that I go for here, I just pick the cheapest at the time of purchase.

7. Asda Dry Shampoo: I've gone through a range of dry shampoos from cheap to expensive and I prefer the cheap ones. Batiste is a popular brand but it's pricier for a big bottle, (Are they bottles? Are they cans? Who can answer one of life's most confusing questions?) and I personally find that it makes my hair look white no matter how I use it. I can get a big bottle of the stuff real cheap in a supermarket own brand or other cheaper brands and I love them.

8. L'Oréal Kids Tangle Tamer: As I said before, my hair can get into a congealed mess (lovely) and a few months back I discovered an old bottle of kids tangle tamer than I used to use and I found basically the same thing when that ran out. My god, it's good, and it smells amazing! Why buy an expensive "adult" de-tangling lotion with outrageous prices when you can get the same thing for cheaper because it happens to say "kids" on the packaging - we've all got hair, so there's no difference, and if anything, it might even be a little safer and good for sensitivity.

9. Peach Perfume: I've actually got no idea why this is here to be fair, I use it every now and then, but I'm not a perfume person - it smells pretty good though.

10. Younique Setting Spray: This. Is. Life. I never used setting spray before this one but it lasts all day, and I use it for at least 3 different purposes: setting my makeup (obv), priming my face and wetting my beauty blender. You don't need much of the product at all and it's a huge bottle so it's gonna last you a long time - I probably use a little too much than is needed though, but that's my problem.

This is pretty much everything I use on an almost daily basis; as you can see I'm pretty low maintenance and can get ready in 5 or 10 minutes if needed. Ain't nobody getting me up 3 hours early just to get ready.

Have you used any of these products? What do you have out on your desk or vanity?

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