Brain Dumping My Feelings


For the past few months, I've felt as though I was just floating through life not really doing anything spectacular, and more than that, not doing anything that I was happy with. I would go to bed late, get up late, spend half of my waking time either on my phone or at work...repeat. Now THAT is a life that I do not want to live!

A few days ago I just let go of any thoughts and feelings that I'd been having recently and just wrote and wrote and wrote in my journal - this is what I like to call a "brain dump". I wrote about things that I didn't want to admit, things that had been taking up too much of my waking thoughts, and I came to some harsh realities about myself that I needed to change - it was a personal wake up call that I, myself, created willingly. 

I feel a lot lighter now that I know what and where my problems lie, and although I may have subconsciously known before, I feel as though I can move forward now that I've admitted it to myself and truly become aware that there is a problem. The first step is always admittance when something is wrong, so now onto moving forward and taking actionable steps towards a better life and a better me.

There's always room for improvement in your life, and it is NEVER too late to stop and start again if you're not happy. Don't feel that because you're at a certain age, at a certain role in your job, or at a certain stage of your life, etc, that you need to stay where you are if you're not truly happy. You're always in the driving seat and you can always decide what YOU want to do with your life. 

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