♪ Someone In The Crowd - La La Land

I didn't think a soundtrack could tear me away from my beloved "Hamilton" - the musical I am yet to see, isn't out in the UK until November, but am still utterly obsessed with. However, saying that, I'm not sure I will be able to listen to this soundtrack without bursting into an abundance of tears at the very first note. La La Land shook me like no other film has ever done.

I went into La La Land being slightly pessimistic with a general understanding that it was perhaps slightly overhyped. This just proves that you need to watch things yourself and form an opinion, because to me I found it simply stunning in every single way. The acting, cinematography, symbolism, music, the feels, the chemistry, I could go on. I don't want to talk about how visually stunning the scenes were, or how the musical themes were cleverly intertwined into the storyline - what I do want to talk about is what it meant to ME.

I've never felt so personally affected by a film in my life, it just hit me like a ton of bricks. I've made a MASSIVE decision in my life recently, to follow a goal that I believe to be something I have been waiting for my entire life without knowing. Although this isn't a "dream" like Mia and Sebastian had since they were young, it's a dream that has just begun. I haven't been going long, but I've already doubted myself, put myself down, and made myself out to be "not good enough". However, at the same time I'm still driven to achieving this goal no matter what it will take.

I related to Mia so much in this film; she was a budding actress putting her all into auditions and coming up with nothing, pushing and pushing, and seemingly getting nowhere. At one point in the movie, Sebastian tells her (and don't quote me on this, haha) that she CAN do it, and she WILL get the part because she is AMAZING. I teared up through a lot of the film, but I most definitely teared up the most at that part (and thinking about it now) because it's just something I've been trying to tell myself recently with my endeavours.

The themes and morals that this film portrayed were just perfect for me to relate to with what I'm pushing for at the moment, and I'll admit that I cried after the film was finished because of the impact it really had on me. Anyone can do anything that they put their mind to if they put in the hard work and effort that is needed to achieve that goal. I can honestly say I wholeheartedly believe that, and La La Land captured that message perfectly.

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