New Years Goals | 2017


♪ Rockabye - Clean Bandit

How delightfully obvious is it that I am posting about my 2017 goals? Well, I've got to have some nook or cranny to store them in, so I thought why not here?

 Create and stick to a morning routine
 Continue with my personal development and believe in myself
 Feel the fear and do it anyway
 Leave the house every day
 Work hard to achieve my dreams
 Don't forget to take time for yourself
⬗ Read 50 books
⬗ Review at least one book a month

As you can see, a lot of these are very personally based, and only I can judge on the inside whether I have been fulfilling these. They're not things that you can necessarily tick off a list, but they are things that I want to implement into my life going forth into the new year.

I do want to get a lot of reading done as well, and get back into reviewing books - I always thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been travelling for the past 2 years, so always had other things to be doing and seeing rather than reading. This year I'm back on home soil and I want to make it a challenge to up my reading game.

These are my overall goals for the entirety of the year, what are yours?

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