I Miss Musical Theatre


♪ Wonderful - Wicked Soundtrack

In my previous post, I eluded to the fact that I was listening to the Hamilton soundtrack - since then, my love for musicals has absolutely EXPLODED. It's crazy!

When I was younger I was massively into drama and acting - now it's turned into more of a love of the theatre, although I wouldn't be averse to doing a bit of acting too. But anyways, I digress, I used to go to drama groups, take part in all the school productions and even performed in a county-wide group that I auditioned for. I originally wanted to become an actor when I grew up, but for one reason or another that left me, but I still had an absolute adoration for the theatre.

I used to go to the theatre a lot when I was at school, especially in sixth form, when I used to go to at least one show a month. When I left school, however, I just stopped going, simply because I didn't have to, not because I didn't want to. It was never something that was at the forefront of my brain when I left school but it was still something that I really longed for.

Back in June I decided to change that and went with a friend to see "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" on the Westend in London, and was absolutely blown away! There's always been some show that I want or have been wanting to see and I really just need to book these tickets and go as I hardly ever regret it.

Recently I was on Spotify browsing for some new music to listen to, and in the playlist section, I found one on musicals. PERFECT! I started listening to even more than just Hamilton and got going with all the Disney classics (which are still musicals in my books), and a load of other musicals like Wicked, The Sound of Music and Les Misérables. Hooked does not even come close to how much I've been listening to this, haha, I'm completely and utterly obsessed and I've been listening to this one playlist for ages now.

I've been making a mental note of every show I NEED to see:
⬗ Wicked
⬗ The Sound of Music
⬗ Avenue Q
⬗ The Lion King
⬗ Chicago

...and that's only a small selection of the shows on my list, and whether they're out or not is a completely different story.

What theatre shows have you seen and loved? What do you want to see?

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