I'm a big believer that whatever you put out into the world is what you will receive back - if you're negative towards everything, then you will only attract negative into your life and vice versa, positive attracts positive. 

I have been using affirmations in my journal as of late in order to gain some positive energy in my life. I see an affirmation as a way of proclaiming to the world what you want to be in a way that makes it seem as though you already have it - so instead of writing "I want" or "I will" you write "I have" or "I am" as if what you want is already in your possession. 

I am beautiful
I am successful
I am loved

By using these present tense words, it affirms to your higher self that you believe that you are what you say, and you will start to see positive changes in your life. However, using future tense words like "I want" shows that this is something that you lack, so by thinking of lack, lack is what you will receive. Can I say lack anymore in that sentence? You know when you write/say a word so much that it starts to lose all sense of meaning....yeah, that! 

I have to add that just because you're writing these affirmations everyday, it doesn't mean that it's going to magically happen for you. You need to put in the work for what you want to achieve at the same time - you could be writing the affirmations every day, but spending the rest of the day being a potato on the sofa watching Netflix, and that, my friend, is not going to get you anywhere no matter how hard you believe or write those affirmations. 

Personally, I like to be relatively realistic with my actionable affirmations. In an ideal world, I would absolutely love to become a morning person, but by writing "I am a morning person" as stated before, isn't going to magically turn me into a morning person - I find it extremely hard to get up in the morning due to my shift work and just generally feeling tired for the majority of the day. I've started using the affirmation, "I have the ability to be disciplined" because it's realistic and it's something that I can do. It's not forcing me to change but it's telling my higher self that if I choose to accomplish something that I am more than capable of doing it. Mental affirmations are a different story though and I believe that you should write pages and pages of how beautiful you are if it helps you to truly see how beautiful you really are if you lack that kind of confidence. 

As with everything that I write, I'm talking from my own personal experiences and ways of dealing with things, but everyone is different. Have you ever practised affirmations? What's worked for you? What hasn't?

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