I'm a thinker when I need to be a do-er


I literally cannot stop thinking about absolutely everything that I want to do with my life; I plan every detail in my head...and that's where it stays. I'm in a constant state of thinking about what I want to do, rather than putting anything into action at all. I'm a thinker when I need to be a do-er!

I am constantly reading these articles on how to get inspired, how to live a creative life, or how to get and stay motivated - but that's all I do, read. I'm reading article upon article on how I can live my best life but I'm never actually taking any of the steps in order to achieve that goal. I'm a perfectionist, I want everything to be perfect; including myself. I don't wanna commit to doing anything unless I have the perfect plan, the perfect way of doing things, and the perfect mindset, and this is what has stopped me from doing so many things that I've been wanting to do.

Let's chat blogging as an example; I've got so many ideas of posts that I'd love to create, but every time I look at an idea, my mind just goes into thinking mode. I blog because I enjoy it, I blog because it's fun, I blog because I want to blog and I've no idea why I'm making this (and so many other things) so difficult for myself. 

I feel like I'm just getting out of a funk that I'm partially blaming on the winter blues; I'm starting to find my rhythm again, my motivation, and I'm starting to realise the fun I've been missing out on by holding myself back. This has been the story of a lot of my life, and probably one of the reasons why I never committed to anything for more than a couple of months before I gave up. My business and my blog are big examples of things that I most definitely do NOT want to be giving up anytime soon.

I always hate myself when I give up on things, so why then do I always do it? Not this time though! In the past I've had to force myself to work on things that I know I enjoy and it's always paid off so I'm gonna start creating habits to get myself back into the swing of doing

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