Decluttering my life


I've been going through a massive rut as of late, so I decided to declutter, organise and reset my surroundings to try and give me clarity. I went through everything in my room, from art supplies, books, clothes, stationary and random stuff that I haven't looked at for months - the things I don't want will more than likely be given away to charity shops as I'm not all too bothered about gaining any profit off anything.

This has definitely been my biggest cull yet, and because of that, I feel that this one has also cleared out the mess that has been in my mind too. I habitually clear out my belongings every six months or so, and in the past, there have been items that I've clung onto in the hope that I will someday use them again - my art supplies being the biggest anchor.

I'm a massively creative person, and I used to be big into art and design with masses of paints, pens, pencils, and other general art supplies. Unfortunately, I haven't used these items in years, so I decided that now was the time to part ways with them and pass them onto someone with a bit more of a passion for it that I have right now. It's sad, but I'm moving on, and making room for things that I am passionate about.

I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulder just by that one little decision to remove a few material objects from my life. Those items were subconsciously taking up a little compartment in the back of my head that can now be used for more productive things. I don't know whether this is all psychological and will wear off within the week, but I feel more motivated already, with a fresh new space and with minimalised belongings.

I love the feeling when you have just finished tidying and organising a space. Ironically, I'm quite a messy person, but can't properly concentrate on anything unless the space around me is tidy. Let's try and keep it this way for once, hey?

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