2018: Word Of The Year


Why hello there, long time no speak fellow internet dwellers - it's me, Katie, if you don't remember, I know it's been a long time. Yeah, I'm sorry about that, but instead of focusing on the past and going over my excuses, I thought it best to look forward to and talk about 2018!

Two thousand and f*cking eighteen guys! Can we just that sink in for a second? It was only yesterday that I was partying the new year of 2017 in from...actually I think I went to sleep before midnight, so there goes that story.

I started creating a list of goals that I wanted to achieve next year, and I literally could not stop thinking about them - constantly mulling them over in my mind, fine tuning them, and then realising that goals really weren't my thing. It's all well and good having things you want to achieve, but if you can't do the steps that will get you there in the first place, then what good are those goals?

I've decided on creating a word to focus on for the year, in which all of my goals can be based around - my word for 2018 will be: PRODUCTIVE!

This year just passed me by due to the fact that I got distracted way too easily - most of my time was spent scrolling through social media, playing phone games and just generally not doing anything. I swear, I spent more time thinking about what needed to be done than actually doing anything productive - so productive I WILL be!

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