I Am Changing My Life


This post has been in my head for at least a month, and I'm finally getting around to writing it off the back of an amazing weekend at the Younique Global Leadership Summit in Spain. Younique is an online-based network marketing cosmetics company, and the summit was where presenters from all over the world had the chance to get some insight and training on, essentially, being a better you. Previous to this, I had been watching Dottie James' #TryingChange movement on YouTube where she has been documenting how she wants to change her life in a year by putting 100% effort into everything that she does, and this resonated with me so hard too that I literally could not stop thinking about it. 

See generally, that's what I do - I think, I think more than I do. I spent a lot of time thinking about when I would start over after I first viewed Dottie's video, when would be the most ideal time to begin living my dream life, and do you know when the ideal time is? Never! So, let's just start NOW!

I don't try hard enough in anything that I do because I'm afraid of failure, I'm afraid that I'm not  meant to be successful, I'm afraid of what people will think of me. I get distracted extremely easily because of these fears and I can see myself doing it, and you know what? I hate it. I have all these ideas of everything that I wanna do, everything that I wanna achieve, but in my head I don't believe in myself and my abilities - I have this tiny little voice telling me that I can't do it, and that I'll never amount to anything. I let my anxieties control my life and I need to learn how to control them instead.

Completing BEDA in April was a stepping stone for me, and it's a small BIG thing that I can say that I've accomplished on my way to where I wanna be - I committed and stuck to something which is something that I've never really done, so I really want to try my god damned hardest to try a little harder at everything else in my life.

Here are some things I will be doing at 100% capacity:

• Practise meditation
• Practise gratitude
• Reading
• Writing
• Learning
• Keeping my room clean and tidy
• Realising when I'm overthinking
• Be kind and loving
• Limiting the time on my phone
• Keeping my phone away from me when I need to focus (it's currently in a cupboard)
• Realising how great I am
• Sharing positivity on social media
• Share things of value on social media
• Being present when taking a walk

Okay, I'm putting this out there for the world to see *breathe* but I have come to the conclusion over a long period of time that I want to be a personal brand of positivity. Over the past couple of years I have absolutely loved my journey of personal development and mindfulness - even if I haven't always practised it (nobody's positive all the time). I love finding new techniques, new ways of living, and new mindfulness practices to try and to share with friends, and now, with the world. To say I want to be a personal brand of positivity may sound a little bit vague, but right now that's where I see it, and I know for certain that it will grow as time goes on and my vision becomes more clear. 

We'll see where this path takes me, but I definitely want to keep you up to date with how I'm doing and how I'm feeling along the way.

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